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The Fern Tree Fire Brigade is a volunteer brigade which is part of the Tasmania Fire Service. The brigade's volunteer members are men and women who reside in the Fern Tree district and who are on call 24/7/365 and trained for all all sorts of fire, chemical hazard and rescue situations.

Many of us have friends or know someone who is in the Fern Tree Fire Brigade, but please remember, in an emergency, DO NOT try to contact them directly as you will waste valuable time. 


always DIAL 000 and ask for the required service


The State fire communications system will then contact all available crew members by pager for despatch in the shortest possible time, and if the incident requires it, arrange for support and backup. 


For all enquiries regarding hazard reduction, fire restrictions, bushfire situations, advice publications  and the like, use the 1800 000 699 telephone number or visit the Tasmania Fire Service website at


The Tasmania Fire Service website also provides a regularly updated fire incident reporting service which can be of great assistance during the Summer when people become more anxious about the bushfire threat. Reports on fire status and maps showing locations of fires are available. Click on the link below to obtain the latest information on fire situations around the state:

Current bushfire incident information

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