Mt Wellington under snow

If Tasmania is said to have unpredictable weather, then Fern Tree's weather is even more so.  The phrase "four seasons in one day" is by no means impossible in Fern Tree.  There are many micro-climates in Fern Tree and it is not uncommon to find residents who live on the sunny ridges  enjoying a warm winters day while those near the shaded gullies have frost on the ground all day.

In general we are 3 or 4 degrees colder and nearly twice as wet as Hobart.  At about 400m above sea level Fern Tree lies just above the 1100mm isohyet (line of equal annual rainfall). And yes, it can be windy here too, with gusts coming from any direction because of the effect of the mountain topography.
Menuggana Rd Aug 2008

Below is the average monthly rainfall (mm) for the Fern Tree area. Data is estimated from weather stations at The Springs and Hobart.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
88 75 91 99 92 105 99 93 96 111 105 104 1158

If you are planning a visit to the mountain check the current weather on the summit .You may want to dress up warm and take a raincoat!

For the current Hobart weather and forecast click here .

For the current Fern Tree weather from a local weather station (thank you James) click here

For the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for Fern Tree click here.

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