Short Walks

Silver Falls

Distance 2km, Time about 45 min.

Follow the Pipeline Track from Fern Tree (opposite the Tavern) to Fern Tree Bower, turn right and climb to Silver Falls. Return by same route.

Octopus Tree

 Distance 1km, Time about 30 min.

From Shoobridge Bend take the Shoobridge Track for 500m to the Octopus Tree, a large eucalyptus whose roots embrace a large boulder. Return by the same route, or you can continue for about 150m and return on the North-South Bike Track to Shoobridge Bend.

Sphinx Rock

Distance 3km, Time about 75 min.

Take the Lenah Valley Track from The Springs for just over 1km. Sphinx Rock is signposted on the right. Be warned that there are no railings at the lookout, although there is a childproof gate on the approach. Children should be supervised. To explore the base of the rock take the Sawmill Track downhill from the junction a few metres further along. Return by same route.

Summit lookouts

Distance 100m, Time about 30 min. (for all lookouts)

At the Pinnacle there are several lookouts: the obvious Observation Shelter, two lookouts below this approached on walkways, the Pinnacle itself (with the trig point above), and a westerly lookout from the rear of the car park. All are within a 100m of the car park.

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Medium walks

The Springs (circuit walk from Fern Tree)

Distance 4km, Time about 2-2.5 hrs.

This walk heads uphill from Fern Tree about 300m (vertical height) to The Springs, the site of a hotel that was burnt down in the 1967 bushfires. From Fern Tree picnic area (opposite the Tavern) find the track behind the Church which runs level until it meets the Fern Glade Track. Follow this (left and up); it crosses a sealed track and continues up to meet Radfords Track. Turn left and continue up, passing Middle Track and Reids Track on your left. Note these - take either for your route down. Middle Track is more direct leading straight down to Fern Tree via the reservoir, while Reids Track comes out on Silver Falls Track; turn left to Silver Falls and return to Fern Tree on the Pipeline Track.

Organ Pipes

Distance 4.5km, Time about 2.5-3.5 hrs.

Start at The Springs, taking the level Lenah Valley track to Sphinx Rock. Just after Sphinx Rock take the Sawmill Track left and up to the road. Cross the road and continue up Sawmill Track  to the Organ Pipes Track. Turn left along the level track to the junction with the Zig Zag Track and descend back to The Springs.

Pipeline Track

Distance 8km, Time about 3hrs.

On the level section of the Pipeline Track south and west from Fern Tree you can walk any distance along the Pipeline Track you choose, but you will have to return the same way, or you may be able to catch a bus for part of the way (see below Walks Using the Bus). From Fern Tree Tavern to Neika is about 4km. Neika is the last point where access can be made to the road. Other access points are Cleggs Rd, Greys Rd and Browns Rd and a rough, steep track (not marked on most maps) that meets the road between Menuggana Rd and the Bus Terminus (Stop 33).

Junction Cabin

Distance 6km, Time about 2-3 hrs.

From the Springs take the Lenah Valley Track to Sphinx Rock and continue along the largely level track past Rock Cabin and Lone Cabin (a detour is possible), to Junction Cabin where there is a picnic table. Return the same way, or via the North-South Track (a shared mountainbike/walking track). To get back to The Springs you need to leave the North-South Track at the Sawmill Track. Turn right to go uphill to Sphinx Rock and turn left to follow the Lenah Valley Track back to The Springs.

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Longer Walks


 Wellington Falls via Pipeline Track

 Distance 16 km, Time about 6 hrs

This long but easy walk starts at Neika and follows the Pipeline Track for most of the way, traversing across the slopes above the North West Bay River, with views through the trees of the Channel and Cathedral Rock. After about 6.5 km the Wellington Falls Track heads up on the right. It is a further 30 min to the Falls (62m high), spectacular after rain. A short track leads to a lookout. Return the same way. Bicycles can be used for the Pipeline section of this walk, leaving them at the bottom of the Wellington Falls Track.

Wellington Falls via Pipeline Track, Milles Track and Springs

Distance 27km, Time All Day

A much longer walk, starting either in Fern Tree, or at Neika. Follow the Pipeline Track, as above, to the Falls. At the Falls take Milles Track, heading uphill. This takes a higher return route along the valley. Care should be taken while crossing boulder fields, which can be tricky when in fog or under snow. Milles Track returns to the Springs, then downhill to Fern Tree via Radfords Track, then Middle Track or Fern Glade Track. If you start at Neika the walk can be shortened by taking the Snake Plains Track from Milles Track back down to the Pipeline Track and return.This route is about 17km and will take 5-7 hrs.

Snake Plains

Distance 13km Time about 4-5 hrs

Starting at either Fern Tree or Neika, this walk uses the Pipeline Track along the lower section, then heads up steeply on the Snake Plains Track. This reaches a plateau on top, sometimes muddy, before climbing again to join Milles Track. Follow this left to The Springs. Descend on Radfords Track, taking any of Reids, Middle or Fern Glade Tracks for the final descent to the Pipeline Track.

Summit via Ice House Track

 Distance 8km, Time about 4-5 hrs

Ascend from The Springs to Milles Track, follow this left (towards Wellington Falls) for about 500m to the junction with the Ice House Track. This climbs all the way to a saddle below South Wellington, passing the ruins of several ice houses where ice was stored in winter for use in the city later in the year. Continue to a track junction, straight ahead is a short detour to Smiths Monument, right is the South Wellington Track which contiues to climb to the skyline of Mt Wellington. Route finding here can be difficult in snow or fog although snow poles mark the way. A detour can be made to the Rocking Stone about half way along to the summit. Just before the summit the Zig Zag Track leads down on the right. This descends to the Organ Pipes Track and on back to the Springs.

Junction Cabin via Organ Pipes

Distance 10km, Time 4-5 hrs

Ascend from The Springs and pick up the Organ Pipes Track, climbing steadily to the junction with the Zig Zag Track. Keep right and follow the track below the Organ Pipes to The Chalet, a picnic shelter on the Pinnacle Road. Cross the road and find Hunters Track  descending to Junction Cabin. Return to The Springs on the Lenah Valley Track.

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Walks using the Bus

These are one way walks, making use of scheduled Metro bus services to get to the start at Fern Tree and from the end back to the city. There are recommended bus times for weekends as there are only infrequent buses to Fern Tree. During the week there are more buses and thus more flexibility for your walks.

Buses to Fern Tree

There are only two useful buses at weekends to get to Fern Tree early in the day.

 Bus No 48
 dep. Franklin Sq (stop M)  arr. Fern Tree Tavern (stop 27)
 Saturday  9:10am  9:30am
 Sunday  10:20am  10:45am

Buses from Lenah Valley and Mt Stuart

Buses from Lenah Valley back to the city are more frequent, which allows some flexibility in timing your walk. The Lenah Valley bus terminus is near the Lady Franklin Museum about 1.5 km from the Lenah Valley road head where the mountain walking tracks start. There is a pleasant walking track parallel to the road which follows the creek.

From Mt Stuart Lookout walk down Mt Stuart Rd to the first roundabout, turn right into Gillon Crescent which is on the bus route.

 Bus No 6
dep. Lenah Valley terminus (near Lady Franklin Museum) Mt Stuart (Mt Stuart Primary School)
 arr. Hobart
Saturday 12 and 42 min past hour
18 and 48 min past hour
approx 20 min later
every 30 min

42 min past hour. Last bus 6:42pm

48 min past hour
approx 20 min later
every hour


Complete Fern Tree timetable

Complete Lenah Valley timetable

Complete Mt Stuart timetable


Fern Tree to Lenah Valley via Junction Cabin

Distance 12km Time about 4-5 hrs

Get off the bus at the Fern Tree Tavern (bus stop 27), cross the road to the picnic area and take the track behind the Church to pick up the Fern Glade Track. Ascend to Radfords Track, turn left and continue climbing to The Springs. Here there is a choice. The easier route takes the Lenah Valley Track, via Junction Cabin and descends to Lenah Valley Road.The alternative is to ascend the Organ Pipes Track and traverse to The Chalet, then descend towards Junction Cabin, but take the Old Hobartians Track to Lenah Valley. The bus terminus is a further 1.5km down Lehah Valley Road.

Fern Tree to Strickland Ave via Junction Cabin

Distance 7km Time about 2-3 hrs

Get off the bus at the Fern Tree Tavern (bus stop 27), cross the road to the picnic area and take the track behind the Church. Cross the Fern Glade Track and continue to meet Pillinger Drive. Walk up the road for a few metres and take the Bracken Lane Fire Trail on the right, then turn left onto the O'Gradys Falls Track. Cross the creek below the Falls and climb on Betts Vale Track to the Circle Track, turn right and on up to the Shoobridge Track. Go past the Octopus Tree and follow the Shoobridge Track to the Lenah Valley Track to Junction Cabin. From Junction Cabin descend on Old Farm Track and turn right onto Myrtle Gully  Trac. When you reach the fire trail again turn right and right again onto another fire trail. This lead directly to Stickland Ave. Check the timetable for return buses to the city (No 49 only during weekends - see Fern Tree timetable).

Fern Tree to Mt Stuart via Knocklofty

Distance 11km Time about 3-4 hrs

See above to get to Junction Cabin. From here descend on the steep Breakneck Track to the Main Fire Trail. Cross this and follow the fire trail to Noahs Saddle, continuing around the head of McRobies Gully and onto Knocklofty. Follow signs to Mt Stuart Lookout. There are many tracks around Knocklofty which are worth exploring.

Pipeline Track to Waterworks Reserve

Distance 6km Time about 2-3 hrs

Stay on the bus past Fern Tree Tavern and get off at the Terminus (Bus Stop 33). Walk back along the road about 200m to a steep rough track on the left which leads directly to the Pipeline Track above (this short track is not marked on most maps). Turn right and walk along the Pipeline Track back to the Tavern, cross the road and continue down next to the water treatment plant. The track passes a couple of the original aqueducts before crossing Chimney Pot Hill Road and continuing to descend to the Waterworks Reserve, below Gentle Annie Falls (now dry!). Walk through the reserve to Waterworks Road. You will have to walk down the road to the end, turn right go under the Southern Outlet and pick up a bus on King Street. (Bus 57 - Mt Nelson ).

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