The Mountain

It's hard to miss Mount Wellington from Hobart and most people will, at some time of their day, glance up to see how the weather's doing or just look at the view.

But for most of us who live in Fern Tree "The Mountain" is actually not so visible - we live on it! In fact it is our backyard and much enjoyed. We can perhaps claim to be more familiar with The Mountain than most in Hobart.

There is a useful map which can be purchased from many outlets in Hobart, and other maps are available as downloads on our map page. There is a nice large map of the local area within the Fern Tree tavern.

If you plan to walk on the mountain, check the weather first. Remember that the weather on the summit is usually 8-10 degrees colder than in Hobart and even colder than that with the wind chill factor. Always be prepared for sudden weather changes, especially on the summit.

For information about The Mountain you can visit the Mt Wellington Management Trust website. There are separate sections on the history, geology, flora and fauna of The Mountain and much other information available.

If you are interested in joining Fern Tree Bushcare Group see our Bushcare page.


Suggested walks

For a description of the walk click on the walk name.

 Short walks
 Access point
 Distance  Grade
 Silver Falls
Fern Tree (opp Tavern)
 45 min
 2km ret
 Octopus Tree
Shoobridge Bend
 30 min
 1km ret
 Sphinx Rock
The Springs
 75 min
 3km ret
 Summit lookouts (3)
Summit carpark
 30 min
 100m  Level/Mod
 Medium walks
 The Springs (circuit)
Fern Tree (opp Tavern)  2-2.5hrs  4km  Steep
 Organ Pipes (circuit)
The Springs
 2.5-3.5hrs  4.5km  Mod/Steep
 Pipeline Track
Fern Tree (opp Tavern)  2 hrs
 4km  Level
 Junction Cabin (circuit)
The Springs  2-3 hrs
 6km  Level/Mod
 Longer walks
 Wellington Falls (Pipeline Track ret)
Morphetts Road Neika  6 hrs
 16km  Level/Mod
 Wellington Falls (circuit via Pipeline Track, Milles Track and Springs)
Morphetts Road Neika, or Fern Tree (opp Tavern)
 All day
 Snake Plains (circuit)
Morphetts Road Neika  4-5 hrs
 13km  Level/Steep
 Summit via Ice House Track and Zig Zag Track (circuit)
The Springs
 4-5 hrs
 7km  Steep
 Junction Cabin via Organ Pipes and Hunters Track (circuit)
The Springs
 4-5 hrs
 10km  Mod/Steep/Level
 Walks using the bus
 Fern Tree to Lenah Valley via Springs and Organ Pipes
Fern Tree
 12km  4-5 hrs
 Fern Tree to Strickland Ave via Junction Cabin
Fern Tree
 7km  2-3 hrs
 Fern Tree to Mt Stuart Fern Tree
 11km  3-4 hrs
 Pipeline Track to Waterworks Reserve Fern Tree Bus Terminus
 7km  2-3 hrs

 Level (or downhill)

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