The Fern Tree Community Site does not offer a webmail service.


You can apply for an alias which uses the Fern Tree geographical domain name,  The cost is $10 for two years with the money going into defraying some of the costs of acquiring and operating the domain.

What does an email alias look like?

It looks like any other typical email address. For example the Fern Tree Community Association has the alias

How does it work?

An alias is used to redirect email to another email address. In the case of, this alias redirects email to the committee members. If a committee member resigns, their email address is removed from the alias redirection list. A new committee member's email address can be added to the list.

What are the advantages?

You can use your alias as your everyday email address, redirecting incoming mail to the address you have set up with your Internet Service Provider. You can also use the alias to redirect your email to webmail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. Because an alias redirects email to another address, and can be redefined as necessary, if you change ISP or webmail service you do not have to tell everyone that you have a new email address - you just get us to redirect your email to the new address, and go on using the based alias.

Another advantage is that your alias is locality based which gives you the opportunity to brag about the wonderful place where you live!

A word of caution...

Most POP email clients (the email application on your compter such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail) allow you to make an alias your sender address. This means that a person receiving mail from you sees the alias in the header of your email, and by selecting 'reply', will automatically be replying to your alias. Some webmail clients (eg Hotmail or gmail) do likewise, but some email clients of either type make it difficult, cumbersome or impossible. 

The FTCA recommends that before you apply for an email alias, you should find out whether or not your email client supports multiple sender IDs and allows you to choose between them easily.


Click on the link below to apply for a alias

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